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Our consultants and associates all hold educational leadership positions and/or professional educator degrees in their respective fields. We will focus our attention on the unique needs of your team. These needs might include orientation, training, and/or education.


Orientation is about making sure that the people on your team know what they need to know so that they can deliver care/service effectively. Highly trained providers in one context may not automatically be able to transfer their skills and knowledge to the event or wilderness settings. That’s where we come in.


Training is about making sure volunteers/staff know how to respond in an urgent or emergent situation. A common approach to volunteer/staff training is to do drills. We can help you identify key training needs to optimize face-to-face, skills-based training for your team.


Education is all about building capacity, not only during a specific event or on a specific call, but going forward. Education grows the capacity of the entire team, and enriches the experience for individual team members. Education keeps your crew engaged.



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