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Odyssey manages personnel in 8 Provinces, with leadership teams in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. We have well developed, systematic approaches to supporting distributed teams to work effectively and efficiently.


Project Management. We will coach and mentor your team members on important strategies and essential infrastructure to successfully manage small, medium and large sized events.


IT Management. Regardless of the setting – whether special events or wilderness search and rescue - data security issues such as how to manage and archive confidential patient records will inevitably arise. We can help with this.


Communications. Prehospital settings create unique challenges for crew/volunteers. For example, not all geographic locations support the use of cellular phones or radios. For the purposes of emergency planning and response, communications planning has to have triple redundancy to ensure communication during a system-wide failure. Your team needs to know how to build a comprehensive communications plan and we can offer support and mentorship.

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