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"...Il est impossible que l’improbable n’arrive jamais."


"...it’s impossible that the improbable will never happen."


 Emil Gumbel | 1958


Our national team of experts includes operations, health/medical, harm reduction, risk management, research, and policy expertise. We understand risk analysis and we can develop, per your unique Company needs, risk mitigation approaches that are reasonable, evidence-based, and achievable. We will help you identify the unique hazards associated with your setting or event so that the most effective forms of risk mitigation can be operationalized.


We are familiar with the hazards of built and natural environments. We know about the requirements of WorkSafe, municipal bylaws, legislation, and alcohol licensing. We understand how to prepare for the rare times when an emergency response is required. We have a well-crafted approach to the development of Emergency Response Plans.

Photograph of patient being carried out of a crowd at music festival.

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