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Our values:


Collaborate. We believe in actively growing the expertise you already have. We want to build a larger, supportive community of people who are passionate about the work that they do in pre-hospital environments – whether that environment is the side of mountain, the finish line of a race or a field clinic at a music festival. We have the ability to align stakeholders and to produce the best possible outcomes for your Company.


Curate. We believe that every community has the resources, to create world-class safety systems for special events. We curate, find, assemble and engage those individuals and groups in your community to facilitate the creation of blended teams. The curation of local excellence leads to a sustainable, ‘home-grown’ legacy, rather than relying on importing front-line talent from other markets.


Empower. We believe in empowerment. We will teach, mentor, coach and support your team members so that they can develop and deliver event medical plans, institute safety initiatives, and create solutions for your unique circumstances.


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